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Textural Ambience is a moody collection of surreal washes, based on heavily-processed electronic and acoustic sources, contains long, evolving atmospheres, ambiences, soundtracks and beds. Featuring the sound design skills of Charles Maynes (whose credits include work on Peter Gabriel's Xplora CD-ROM, Mallrats and Twister to name a few), these AIFF tracks are dark, dramatic and menacing.

Los Angeles based sound designer and recordist, Charles Maynes has worked for years in the entertainment industry and has amassed an array of blockbuster movie credits. His work on such feature films as Tomb Raider, Knights Tale, All the Pretty Horses, U-571, Bait and Spider-Man, has made his sound legacy one of the most exciting in the industry.

The these sounds are the aural equivalent
of the non-generic shades of color that come
in the deluxe set of crayons. These sounds will
help in your painting of expressionist and abstract
expressionist soundscapes and music. These sounds
will not limit your creativity. Like indigo or cobalt, they exist
in real life. Like pearls and stones they have lives of their own.
Experience that life, life that has elements of sorrow, bitterness,
elation and exhilaration.

Textural Ambience Demos
TA-1.mp3 (1.2 MB) 2:38, created by charles Maynes
TA-2.mp3 (888k) 1:53, created by charles Maynes

For those who really need it, here's a complete list of the sound file names for Textual Ambience.

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