rarefaction (rar a fak shen), n 1. A decrease in density and pressure in a medium, such as air, caused by the passage of a sound wave. 2. The region in which this occurs. 3. An audio source library company started by Paul Korntheuer and Ron MacLeod. 4.Home of the original Poke in the Ear.

On December 1, 1995, Macromedia acquired OSC, the original creators of Deck II, a multi-track DAW, and the first "home" of the Poke series. Rarefaction, started up by Poke creator Ron MacLeod and Paul Korntheuer (both former OSC employees), are now handling the A Poke In The Ear With Sharp Stick sound library series.

Please note that the PO Box and phone numbers listed on some of our CDs are no longer valid. We're here... just in cyperspace. Just in cyperspace.

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