Poke in the Ear in the Akai S1000 format

Over 1200 specially selected samples from the original Pokes vols. I, II & III , in the Akai S1000 format for use in Akai, Emu, Ensoniq, Kurzweil and Roland S1000 compatible samplers. Hundreds of deafening Metallic and FoundSound Percussion hits and events, rhythmic Machine and Noise loops, hyper-stereo Ambient Textures, Washes and FX, mind bending Vocals and Alien Environments. All files are 16 bit @ 44.1khz, set-up in 'Overview Mode' across the keyboard for quick review and integration into your own instrument groups. Definitely a surreal addition to your music, sound collage and media productions.

Each program is 8 meg or under for compatibility with most samplers. The keyboard spread is laid out in category types for quick review and formation of your own instrument sets. For universal compatibility across platforms, the samples are not setup with velocity layers and no additional filtering was added. What you hear is the raw sample, ready for your own personalized modification if necessary.

Poke in the Ear audio source libraries are LICENSE FREE. You are free to use the sounds found on this disc in your recordings and productions without further fees. This disc, as with most sound libraries, is NON-TRANSFERABLE, simply meaning you may not re-sell or even give away, in whole or in part, the sounds found on this disc. Doing so, would not be fair to us or the sound designers that worked so hard to bring you these sounds. Thanks for respecting that. If you have questions regarding legal usage of this disc, please contact us.

Keyboard spreads are set up as follows:

  • All Percussive files are set up on individual keys, Root Note (original pitch) as heard.
  • All Melodics files are set up in octaves across the keyboard (piano style).
  • All Other files are in Fifths across the keyboard with the Root Note (original pitch) on the Third.

    This allows for more samples per Program, thus a quicker review with some pitch variance up & down.

    KYGPLow keyRoot noteTop key
    1 C1 (36) D#1 (40) G1 (43)
    2 A1 (45) C2 (48) E2 (52)
    3 F2 (53) G#2 (56) C3 (60)
    4 D3 (62) F3 (63) A3 (69)
    5 B3 (71) D4 (74) F4 (77)
    6 G4 (79) A#4 (82) D5 (86)
    7 E5 (88) G5 (91) B5 (95)

    Poke S1000 Sound Designers:
    Rn MacLeod
    Dr. X & Max
    Thomas Dimusio
    Ray Brunelle
    Keith Hillebrandt
    charles Maynes
    Gerry Basserman
    Dave Nelson
    Conversion + S1000 layout by Keith Hillebrandt
    Produced + Edited by Ron MacLeod / Zang Tumb Division

    S1000 compatible samplers

    For those who really need it, here's a complete list of the sound file names for Poke S1000.

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