Rarefaction sound libraries are royalty free, meaning you can use the sounds found on our discs without any further fees to us, as long as the following license terms are met:


You can use the sounds on Rarefaction sound libraries as elements in media production of any kind- film, music, TV, radio, live performance, computer & video games, computer multimedia, website soundtracks, location-based entertainment, etc.- in any country, for an amount of time, just so long as:

You never sell or give away any copies of any of the sounds from the CD, nor leave any of the sounds in a publically-accessible place such that free copying could occur, like a public file server or public lending library, or on a published CD-ROM game disk;

You use the sounds on this CD only as elements in new works, and never allow them to be presented in and of themselves as the musical or sound compositions of anyone other than Rarefaction artists who made them (this includes collages built solely or chiefly of unchanged Rarefaction sounds; just shortening or repeating the sounds doesn't count as 'changed' here);

If the sounds are being licensed for use in a production facility's sound effect library, source music library, or similar shared resource, no more than ten productions may use each CD's sounds per year. Further uses would require a site license. (For more information on site licenses, please call).


You certainly can't sell copies of it, or copies of parts of it, even if the parts are little.

You can use the music and sounds it makes in combination with other music and sounds to create your own stuff. Or, if you take the music and sound it makes, and change it enough to make it something really different, we think that makes the resulting material your stuff.

If on the other hand you just use the music and sounds it makes without any other music and sounds, it's still our stuff- so you can't sell that by itself. (And besides, that's kinda lame- because someone else might use the same thing and then everybody'll know you just used a library instead of making something new- gee, if you're a multimedia developer, d'ya think the client'll mind when someone calls to let them know?) We don't think just adding light effects or a little simple editing is really enough of a transformation to make it your stuff.

If you do really like our stuff on its own (as is, au naturel, sans transformation) so much that you really do want to use it that way, then call us- we're reasonable people, we understand about independent budgets, and we'll try to work something out.

Multiple User licenses are available for corporations. Licenses are available to use our sounds in isolation in computer games or multimedia production. Please contact our licensing department for details.

last mod: 8/97