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Keith Hillebrandt's

Diffusion of Useful Noise

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Keith Hillebrandt, sculptor of dissidence from our Poke In The Ear audio source collections and NIN, brings us this 'designers series' sound sample library of musical and rhythmic cacophony.

Keith Hillebrandt is a sound manipulator and music designer from San Francisco who then wandered to New Orleans to work with Trent Reznor. After Keith waded out of New Orleans, rumor has it, he's in Southern California or off-shore somewhere. For years, Keith has worked within the music software business, including some of the earliest digital audio companies such as WaveFrame and Opcode, giving him access to the latest (at that time) in sound manipulation tools. He's worked with/for various artists ranging from Stevie Wonder to Consolidated to David Bowie. He has manipulated sound in numerous musical outfits including Nine Inch Nails, Blast Conservatory, Cleopatra System and Full Court Press. Keith has also worked in Naut Humon's Sound Traffic Control. From Keyboard Magazine 2/2000: Keith Hillebrandt came to Trent's attention through his connection with Charlie Clouser, and a sample library that he (Keith) produced. "When I finished finished the Diffusion of Useful Noise CD-ROM," Keith explains, "I sent Charlie a copy. He liked it a lot and then played it for Trent, who freaked and said, "We've got to hire this guy to design sounds for the new album (The Fragile)."

1997: Keith produced version #4 on the re-mix of David Bowie's hit song "I'm Afraid of Americans."

Oct.1996: Diffiusion of Useful Noise is given a FIVE STAR REVIEW in Keyboard Magazine.

The download version of Diffusion, in 16-Bit 44.1khz AIFF format, is looped end to end for use in audio workstation and performance applications.

These are sounds for music designers that gag when sampling the presets on the latest new "synth." This is a sound sample library for designers that shudder at the thought of another gig with the "Sounds Real" Library. What you will find is generated and found sound sources that have been processed and manipulated through both digital and analog gear. The collection includes Alternate Atmospheres, Hard FX, Complex Ambiance and musical source like Digital and Analog Oscillators, Ambient Textures and BPM'd Envelope Triggered Loops. Also included are construction kits for quick compositions to stick on your movies, reconstruct into your own music or just loop infinitely to disturb your neighbors.

You'll find twisted sound files such as

For the latest info on what Keith is up to these days, check out Keith Hillebrandt.

For those who really need it, here's a complete list of the sound file names for Diffusion Of Useful Noise.

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