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This is Skeleton Crew's sound source disc entitled, Etymology. Skeleton Crew consists of Guitarist/multi-instrumentalist Fred Frith and Cellist Tom Cora. Fred Frith is internationally known for his work with Henry Cow, the Art Bears, Naked City and Richard Thompson. Tom Cora, has played with or been apart of Curlew, Third Person and the Ex, among many others. The Frith/Cora disc includes a profusion of string/wire manipulation techniques and effects. Produced by long time Poke contributor, Thomas Dimuzio, This disc is available in both audio and CD-ROM (16-bit AIFF stereo sound files sampled at 44.1 kHz) which will mount on any Macintosh or Windows 95 PCs.
Etymology's cover art was ceated by Peter Bäder.

Where else can you find a sound source disc with folder names such as;

On Etymology of course! This list is just a sampling of the many folders on this disc! You can use the sounds of Fred Frith and Tom Cora ROYALTY FREE in your musical or multimedia project.

Rarefaction is no longer carrying this title. Please contact Gench Music for ordering info.