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The mayhem begins with A Poke in the Ear with a Sharp Stick, Volume I, the original sonic mindbreaker, created by a collective of twisted sound designers from around the planet. Keep in mind that most of the sounds found on the Poke series started as organic sounds that have since been manipulated into something entirely different. This Macintosh-based ROM contains roughly 1,350 different 16-bit files, sampled at 44.1kHz in Sound Designer II format. Along with truckloads of crushing industrial percussion, the disc features broken records, shortwave radio torture, chainsaw surprise, Martian ethnic instruments and other provocative soundbites.

Here's a partial list of some of the sounds you will find on Volume I:

The "Twisted" that helped create this amazing disc, most of them wandering today's world with gray hair blowing in the wind, are:

Special Note - If you enjoy music that is the missing link between the Residents, Frank Zappa and Patrick O'Hearn's solo work, then you'll enjoy John Greenland's Wire We Here? I strongly recommend that you give it a listen. - Paul
Oh-Kay... you have Poke One, but need the Mac-based SampleCell Instruments Disk that came with it. Not a problem, its on our ftp site for you.
April '04 - Please note: Some people have reported that the original pressing of Poke I (with the 'inner ring' code of: U2TP010UB) will not mount on their desktop running OS 10.3.x. We are trying to track down the source of this problem. If you run across this, please email us!
If you have already purchased Poke Volume I and would like a complete list of sound file names for the AIFF version, please click here.

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